Program Highlights

The Computer Resource & Learning Center provides educational tools for all ages. Beside learning computer skills, youth receive homework help, learn to write resumes, create videos, research colleges and fill out college applications.

Youth from our WIA Program gain invaluable, hands-on-experience in the retail environment at Camp Old Navy Day. The youth went through the interview process, learned to do inventory, and stock shelves, dress a mannequin, wait on customers and run a cash register.

Our students have fun while learning in our School ReadinessProgram! Mini Monets, a year long art project, indoor & outdoor gardening, field trips to nature centers, plays and puppet shows-examples of the creative ways we use to ensure our children are ready and eager to graduate and head to Kindergarten.

Opportunities & Leadership...

Computer Resource and Learning Center

Our Computer Resource and Learning Center is available for tutoring and provides educational tools for all participants. The Center is open to all programs.

Kiwanis Summer Youth Camp

Located at the Kiwanis Camp facility in Wolcott, CT, our summer youth camp provides 8 weeks of activites for children ages 3-13. Transportation is provided through our collaboration with Waterbury PAL.

Linking Academics To Life

Linking Academics To Life is a unique, after-school program for truancy referred and vulnerable or underprivileged youth. This incentive-based program helps disadvantaged youth make a link between their education and their life needs by expanding areas of interest while encouraging completion in school and furthering education. These areas of interest include:

Summer Youth Employment (SYEP)

Summer Youth Employment (SYEP), is a work based learning project funded through the state, which includes 6 weeks of paid work experience in the summer.

Support for Self-Determination/ People Off Welfare Earning Resources (SSD/ POWER)

Support for Self-Determina-tion/ People Off Welfare Earning Resources is a unique, training program focusing on the proper care and safety of children in our community. The participants are unemployed/underemployed, with severe language barriers and no observable skills or work experience. The result; participants are employed in or open their own home child care center; making the transition from receiving public assistance to earning a living.


Tutoring is available for all grade levels. A program coordinator and a certified teacher/administrator oversee all our curriculums and tutors.

Waterbury Youth Council

The Waterbury Youth Council develops leadership skills, and supports involvement in community action projects and activities. This youth led group focuses on the 40 Developmental Assets.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a work based learning project funded through the state. It includes paid work experience and youth development programming during the school year

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