Waterbury Youth Service is currently serving over 4,000 children, youth & families in the Greater Waterbury Area.

Opportunities & Leadership

Support & Guidance


Community Outreach

Program Highlights Summer Gardens

Our summer gardens teach youth nurturing skills, it gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments, introduces them to healthy foods, and provides a way to improve and give back to the community.

Summer Camp

WYSS' Camp is designed to promote a healthy alternative to a summer in the inner city. Children enjoy the outdoors, nature, swimming and many other fun filled activities.

Inter-Generational Project

Youth and seniors come together in our Inter-Generational Project. The youth visit with the seniors to exchange stories & life experiences, and to enjoy social activities. Seniors bring a great level of wisdom and experience and youth bring energy and new skills.

Our programs and services...

The accomplishments of Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc. begin with our efforts to raise awareness about the challenges facing our youth today, particularly at-risk youth. For over thirty-six years, through our programming we continue to address these challenges and respond to the corresponding needs of the community. Our focus is on enhancing the assets that the youth and their parent/caregiver possess, as well as giving them the tools needed to deal with today’s issues.

It is our goal to provide assistance to youth and their families in all aspects of their lives; it is with this purpose WYSS programs & services are separated into 4 categories; Opportunities & Leadership, Support & Guidance, Residential and in addition to our grassroots, direct social service work, Community Outreach.