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Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

The 2017 Connecticut Attendance Awareness Campaign website offers great information for parents and guardians:

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), in partnership with Attendance Works and The Governor’s Prevention Partnership, is pleased to announce Connecticut’s Attendance Awareness Campaign, Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow. With one voice, Connecticut can improve the attendance of our students, beginning in September and continuing through the final day of school. This campaign is kicked-off in September as part of the nationally recognized Attendance Awareness Month. However, it is a message that will be repeated throughout the entire school year.

Improving attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism takes commitment, collaboration, and tailored approaches to the challenges and strengths of each school community. Schools, communities, and advocates across Connecticut are taking steps to ensure children are attending school more regularly.

You can visit the 2017 Connecticut Attendance Awareness Campaign to downloaded promotional materials, media outreach materials, parent/guardian handouts as well as many other valuable resources.

Connecticut Family Preparedness Plan

To assist families who have concerns about immigration enforcement, particularly in regards to the possibility of the deportation or detainment of guardians and the impact that it could have on their children, the State of Connecticut has developed a useful toolkit that people can utilize.

There is no cost to utilize any of the documents contained in the toolkit, and neither attorneys nor court action are needed.

If you are worried about what will happen to your children if you are detained or deported, you should make a family preparedness plan. We hope that you never have to use your plan, but having one may help reduce the stress of the unexpected.

You can download the CT Family Preparedness Plan here.