Burger King Sizzles into Waterbury with a Bang!

Burger King Donation 2023

Burger King Opens with a Nod to Waterbury Youth Services

Hey there, burger lovers and community champs!

Guess who just fired up the grill in our very own Waterbury neighborhood? That's right, Burger King has arrived, and they made a royally grand entrance! This past Saturday, March 25th, our new neighbors hosted a spectacular grand opening, complete with a ceremonious ribbon-cutting event!

We couldn't be more thrilled to share that the Burger King Regional Director's children have personally benefited from Waterbury Youth Services (WYS) programs, and they wanted to acknowledge our hard work in the community.

We are honored and grateful for their recognition.

During the grand opening, Burger King presented WYS with a generous $1,000 donation! We're immensely grateful for their support and excited to welcome them to our vibrant neighborhood. It's truly heartwarming to see businesses like Burger King give back to the community.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to our new Burger King and celebrate their grand entrance while chomping down on a juicy Whopper!

Stay fabulous, Waterbury!