Doubling the Impact on After School Programs for Teens through CHEFA Grant

CHEFA Grant 2018-Doubles Impact on After School Programs

Waterbury Youth Services has been awarded a $41,394 grant from Connecticut Health & Education Facilities Authority (CHEFA) to double the size of its after-school program for high school students, Linking Academics to Life, for the 2018/2019 school year.

Linking Academics to Life (LAL) is a free afterschool program that helps students excel in academics while learning critical time management and life skills. The program runs Monday-Thursday from 3pm-5pm and students can choose to enroll in one of four focus areas: Journalism, Entrepreneurial Program, Woodworking, or Senior Preparation. Tutoring and homework assistance is offered every day.

“Each year, we have a long wait list of students trying to get into our LAL program,” says Waterbury Youth Services’ Executive Director Kathi M. Crowe. “This CHEFA grant will allow us to nearly double the capacity of our LAL program. The impact will be far reaching and life changing, as in recent years, 100% of LAL seniors get into college, according to Crowe.

“CHEFA is pleased to support Waterbury Youth Services’ after school program for high school students. The Linking Academics to Life Program prepares students and their families with college and career planning and valuable life skills, providing opportunities as they move to the next stage of their lives” said Jeanette Weldon, Executive Director for CHEFA.

Students in the LAL program must attend school daily in order to participate and maintain a minimum C grade point average. If they fall below a C, the program provides individual tutoring. In addition to the four focus areas and tutoring components, LAL youth participate in themed celebrations, college tours, financial literacy workshops, community service, and other activities. Monthly "Family Nights" educate parents on the school system and college application process, and encourage parent participation in the LAL program.

Youth are also offered monthly stipends dependent on school and program attendance and academic achievement. This serves as an additional motivator and way to increase school performance. It also allows youth who might otherwise have to work after school to participate in the program and focus on their academics. The LAL focus areas offer experience that can translate into valuable employment skills.

For more information, contact Kathi Crowe at 203-573-0264 x 301.