Celebrating Service: A Day of Impact


On September 7th, United Way's annual Day of Caring highlighted the significant impact of community service. United Way's Day of Caring, established in 1992, has always been a symbol of community strength and service.

The team from Thomaston Savings Bank, consisting of Robert Frazee, Antonella Calabrese, Amber Pinette, and Patrick Quinn, dedicated their day to Waterbury Youth Services. The office of our Positive Youth Development Team Leader underwent a transformation, with fresh paint and a well - organized layout for our program areas — all completed in a day.

Our special gratitude goes out to Arianna Motta, United Ways Volunteer Engagement Manager, and the team of volunteers from Thomaston Savings Bank. Both the commitment of Thomaston Savings Bank's volunteers and the unwavering support of United Way are emblematic of our community's collaborative spirit. Their combined efforts not only transformed a space but also demonstrated the potential of collective action.

*Pictured above from left: Robert Frazee, Antonella Calabrese, Amber Pinette, and Patrick Quinn.