From Mentee to Mentor: A Heartfelt Gift Sends Kids on an Urban Air Adventure

Urban Air Donation 2023

WYS Kids Set to Conquer Urban Air Adventures!

We've got some exhilarating news that's going to lift your spirits sky-high!

Naleah, a former Mentee and Waterbury Youth Services (WYS) Summer Camp Counselor, currently working at Urban Air Adventure Park in Waterbury, has generously donated 50 passes for our amazing WYS kids!

Naleah's inspiring journey began when she received mentorship at Waterbury Youth Services. Her experiences with WYS and the mentoring program shaped her into a dedicated leader, which led her to work at our cherished Kiwanis Summer Camp.

Now, Naleah's heartwarming gift will grant our young adventurers an unforgettable day of fun at Urban Air! From trampolines and obstacle courses to indoor skydiving and more, our kids are in for a day they'll never forget!

Naleah's incredible act of kindness showcases the lasting impact WYS and our mentoring programs have on our community members. Her journey from mentee to mentor and her continued commitment to WYS kids is a testament to the power of our programs.

We're deeply grateful for Naleah's wonderful gift.