ION Bank Foundation Awards WYS $3000 for Urgent Client Needs for Homeless Youth

Population Served:  Low-income, at-risk youth ages 6-24.

Program: Homeless Youth Resource Center/Youth & Family Emergency Services (YFES)

Location of Population Served:  Greater Waterbury area.

Funds will support Urgent Client Needs for YFES Program, incling: bus passes for school/work/interviews, security deposits for housing, personal hygiene supplies, school training, and work supplies.

About YFES: Primary objective is to provide immediate crisis intervention and counseling services for Waterbury’s most at risk youth with the goals of decreasing the number ofyouth who run away, decreasing youth homeless population, provide SAFE PLACE sites around the community where youth can go to connect with needed services and decreasing need for DCF involvement.

No one can move on to a better lifestyle if they are constantly hungry, do not have the right clothes for an interview, have no money for transportation, no home for themselves  or for their children, etc. Urgent Client Needs is critical to the success of the YFES program.