Linking Academics To Life

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Linking Academics To Life


About Our Program

Linking Academics to Life (LAL) is an afterschool program for High School Students that runs Monday-Thursday from 3pm to 5pm during the academic year. LAL consists of some common elements and four unique programs which appeal to students individual interests. Program outcomes reflect increased scores on the Developmental Assets Profile, youth advancing to the next grade level on time, and youth graduating from high school on time. The program is extremely popular with youth and always has a waiting list.

  • What It Is

    A free, college and career readiness afterschool program that helps high school students learn more about themselves, discover their potential and chart a successful life course. Four core areas: choose from Senior Prep, Woodworking, Journalism, Entrepreneurialism.

  • Stipend

    Monthly stipends allow students—who may have to work otherwise—to focus 100% on academics.

  • College Trips

    Youth participate in college tours and financial literacy workshops, learn the nuts and-bolts of financing an education, applying to college, and psychologically preparing for an independent life.

  • Homework Sessions

    All youth participate in a homework session, in which tutors are available to assist students. Youth must attend school daily in order to come to program and they must maintain a C grade point average. If they fall below a C, the program provides individual tutoring in the specific subject area.

  • Family Nights

    Educate parents on the school system and college application process.

"Amazing staff with excellent programs. The Linking Academics to Life (LAL) program has directly improved my report cards. The tutors make my school life so much easier!" ~ Ajia Destiny Riley

Entrepreneurial Program


The Entrepreneurial Program (E-Program) is a program that introduces students in grades 9-12 to the world of business and entrepreneurship through both theoretical and practical business applications. Youth develop a variety of competencies throughout the program as they accomplish various tasks including research, developing business plans, creating products, developing marketing plans, brainstorming and implementing their own ideas. The critical thinking skills they develop as they accomplish these tasks will lead them to success in whatever their chosen fields may be. The self-confidence they develop through the experience of success lingers long beyond their participation in the E-Program.



The Journalism Program is dedicated to encouraging youth to explore information in the media with sharpened eyes. They examine different perspectives and challenge themselves to look for the truth. The goal is to enhance their ability to gather information and make sense of it all in a way that increases their perception and understanding. Through journalism, youth are able to express their views and develop their opinions in a way that promotes self-reflection and awareness. Through writing, examining others’ writings and speeches, discussions, and activities such as news broadcasting, debates, and interviews they are able to exercise their viewpoints and discover new ones.



Our popular Woodworking Program is an amazing hands-on program that develops skills with wood and machinery. Under the tutelage of an expert teacher and woodworker, youth learn how to build unique wooden projects involving planning, cutting, sanding, painting, and sealing. From start to finish, students create wooden toys, coat racks, shelves, stools and paper architecture. While making beautiful wooden articles, youth enhance their math and measurement skills, learn to follow multi-step directions, pay attention to strict safety requirements, appreciate detail, and develop a keen sense of pride and accomplishment.

Senior Preparation


The Senior Prep Program focuses on high school seniors’ success after high school. The program offers educational opportunities as well as job readiness and career skills. Students research various careers, determine what education/training is required and then explore various schools, colleges and universities that provide the desired programs and best match the student’s vision for their future. Students research the qualifications of a successful applicant to the schools they are interested in, the application processes and timelines, and begin to shape their post-graduation plan. Program staff also accompanies students on college tours and assists them with Financial Aid and entrance applications. The program strives to provide seniors with the tools needed to be successful as they transition from high school. Students are encouraged to develop the attitude of an achiever, work towards a successful future, and to accomplish their goals.

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this program possible: MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions, American Savings Foundation, United Way of Greater Waterbury, Liberty Bank, Ion Bank, and Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority


If you would like more information about our LAL Program or how you can enroll, please contact Colleen Penny at or by calling (203) 573-0264

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