Waterbury Youth Services New Out-Of-School Suspension (OSS) Program

What is Reboot:

Reboot is a program for Waterbury Public Schools Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) Middle School Students. The program is facilitated in a safe, pro-social, pro-educational, positive youth development setting. The program also provides a chance for youth in out of school suspension to reboot in a structured environment.

Program is from 7:30am - 2:30pm
Pick up from 7am - 7:20am
Drop-Off is from 2:30pm - 3pm

Youth Will:

• Be provided with breakfast and lunch during the day
• Be required to wear their school uniforms in program
• Complete school work
• Explore creative outlets
• Learn life Skills
• Explore cultural humility
• Learn healthy behaviors


• Healthy Communication
• Building Relationships
• Handling Conflict
• Finding and sharing their voice
• Our Circle programming
• Team building

For more information contact: Rasheeda Latch at (203) 573-0264 /