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Reboot is a program for Waterbury Public Schools Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) Middle School Students. The program is facilitated in a safe, pro-social, pro-educational, positive youth development setting. The program also provides a chance for youth in out of school suspension to reboot in a structured environment.


What Youth Will Find at Reboot:

  • Nutritious Meals:

    Receive breakfast and lunch during the day.

  • Dress Code:

    Adhere to school uniform requirements while in the program.

  • Academic Support:

    Complete schoolwork and stay on top of assignments.

  • Life skills Development:

    Learn essential life skills for personal growth.

  • Cultuaral Humility:

    Engage in activities that promote understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.

  • Healthy Behavior Education:

    Participate in programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  • A Safe and Supportive Environment:

    Thrive in a nurturing atmosphere of growth and development.

Engaging Activities:

  • Healthy Communication:

    Develop effective communication skills.

  • Relationship Building:

    Forge meaningful connections with peers and mentors.

  • Conflict Resolution:

    Learn strategies for resolving conflicts peacefully.

  • Find Their Voice:

    Discover and express their unique perspective.

  • Our Circle Programming:

    Engage in community-building activities.

  • Team Building:

    Collaborate and build essential teamwork skills.

Program Schedule:

  • Program Hours:

    REBOOT runs from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

  • Morning Pick-Up:

    Drop-off begins at 7 AM and ends at 7:20 AM.

  • Afternoon Drop-Off:

    Pick-up is from 2:30 PM to 3 PM.

Real Testimonials, Real Results

The value of JRBs can not be overstated....

"This program helps me know my child is safe and being held accountable for their actions." - Parent testimonial

"We now feel comfortable having OSS as an option for our students because REBOOT is allowing them to catch up on their missing work, stay up to date on current assignments, and give them a safe space instead of just being home during their suspension." - Admin testimonial

"Catching up on my schoolwork has been the best part." - Student testimonial

"Students have come back to school with self-advocacy skills and are able to communicate their needs positively and effectively." - Admin testimonial

"I like that I can talk about my feelings, and group is my favorite part." - Student testimonial

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Describe what you think is the biggest strength of the JRB?

"The biggest strength at JRB is how the people want you to succeed in anything you do, and they always have positive energy here to lift me up."


"The biggest strength of the JRB is that they help youth learn to take the right path and to be a more responsible person."


"I think the biggest strength of the JRB is the fact that they get kids to participate in programs such as the one I was in which really improved my behaviors and my actions."


"The way that they are so understanding and don't make you feel judged."


"The biggest strength of the JRP program, is that they don't treat their cases as if they're juveniles, they are very kind, and they let me feel like I was not just a case, but someone who matters. They never made me feel uncomfortable, and through out this whole experience I was able to meet new people, and stay out of detention!"


"The expectations that were set out for me encouraged me to stay on top of everything."