Staywell Health Center Enlightens Youth on HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

When National HIV and AIDS Awareness Day rolled around, Staywell Health Center's prevention unit sprang into action with a presentation that was as informative as it was engaging. Leading the charge, Jackie, Kasim, and Tatiana delivered a presentation that provided valuable information to the youth in attendance.

They handed out engaging educational brochures packed with must-know facts and prevention strategies, hand sanitizers symbolizing the importance of hygiene, and comprehensive prevention kits for practical, everyday use.

Each youth left the presentation armed not just with knowledge, but with tangible tools to foster a healthy lifestyle. And beyond the facts and the figures, they left with a sense of empowerment, knowing they could make a difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The day was a testament to Staywell's innovative approach to health education, making a serious subject both fun and relatable to young minds. Knowledge became their superpower, turning HIV and AIDS Awareness Day into an unforgettable adventure in learning.