Transforming Juvenile Justice: JRB Pros Dive into Advanced Restorative Training

Advance Restorative Justice Training

What happens when you combine dedicated Juvenile Review Board (JRB) Case Managers, Administrators, and Facilitators with an innovative training program? The answer: a powerful shift in the world of juvenile justice. Thanks to the Greater Danbury LIST, a two-day Advanced Restorative Justice Training at Waterbury Youth Services recently made waves in the field.

Led by expert trainers Joe Brummer and Justin Carbonella, participants delved into the realm of trauma-informed restorative justice. The training focused on replacing punitive approaches with a restorative mindset that steers clear of harmful and oppressive systems. How did they achieve this? By incorporating engaging games, activities, and circle processes that allowed JRB professionals to fully embrace the principles of trauma-informed restorative practices.

With newfound knowledge and experience, these transformed JRB pros are ready to champion a more compassionate, healing-centered approach to justice, setting the stage for a brighter future for our youth. So, let's cheer for this game-changing training, as it continues to revolutionize the field of juvenile justice and create a brighter future for our youth!