Waterbury Youth Services Ignites a Passion for Learning at Youth Health, Wellness and Financial Reality Fair


Local Youth Empowered with Essential Knowledge for Healthy and Financially Responsible Lives

On April 12th, Waterbury Youth Services (WYS) captivated the crowds with their dynamic presence at the Youth Health, Wellness and Financial Reality Fair. Hosted by the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB), the fair aimed to equip local youth with the vital tools they need to lead healthy, financially responsible lives.

WYS volunteers Akeem, Dominiqua, Olivia, and Judy infused their passion and expertise into the events, turning the WYS information table into a hotspot of engaging resources for the youth. Their infectious energy and dedication made the day both entertaining and informative. Collaboratively, they showcased Waterbury Youth Services' programs that promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

In the Youth Health & Wellness component of the fair, the WYS team showcased their organization's dedication to the holistic health of local young people. The diverse range of resources and activities at their table demonstrated how WYS effectively addresses the various dimensions of well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle for the community's youth.

The Financial Reality component offered young attendees a unique opportunity to explore personal finance through an interactive, hands-on simulation. WYS volunteers, along with other local organizations, guided participants as they navigated the challenges of real-world financial situations. This engaging approach to financial education appealed to teens and provided them with valuable insights into the complexities of managing money.

Waterbury Youth Services extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board for hosting this transformative fair. By providing a dynamic stage for learning and empowerment, NRWIB has made a meaningful impact on the lives of the community's youth.