Celebrating Youth in Greater Waterbury


Our day to day interactions with children and young people in Greater Waterbury give us an up close and personal view on their hopes, dreams, triumphs and struggles. Here are some of their stories.  We are proud to share them with you.

Note: some names and places have been changed to protect identities.


The power of positive youth development in motion:  "Jeremiah has gotten more out of this program than any program he's been connected to." - Aunt Gracie

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I know that what I do isn't just a job. I am making a difference. I love the fact that I have an impact on someone's life.

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I tell [kids] to always believe in yourself. Keep going, keep pushing past blocks in the road...You build up kids, you don’t break them down. That’s how you reach them.  

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Relationships turn around lives. Every child who has gone through physical abuse or violent trauma needs a program like CHAP.  

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